Buy a Motherboard Bundle Today

Nothing beats the satisfaction of building your own PC from scratch, or upgrading your existing one without faffing about selecting the correct mainboard, CPU and memory. Enter Motherboard Bundle - we help you to find the latest and greatest motherboard bundles available to buy online.

What's a Motherboard Bundle?

A motherboard bundle usually consists of a mainboard (motherboard), CPU and memory, specially selected by the retailer due to its recognised compatibilty and suitability for a particular task, e.g. a high-performance gaming rig! By buying a motherboard bundle you don't have to worry about questions such as does this memory work with this board, or is this CPU compatible with my system, all you have to do is open your PC and slot it in for an immediate transformation!

Best Motherboard Bundles

See below for our pick of the latest barebone motherboard bundles available to buy in the UK.